FRP Gratings, Gujarat, India.


About FRP Gratings

FRP gratings are manufactured from fiberglass reinforced plastic, a material that is comparatively lighter, sturdier, anti-corrosive and slip-resistant as well.

FRP gratings are reasonably cheaper than SS or other metal gratings, making it a cost-effective proposition in a longer-run.

Durability of FRP gratings is another factor that makes it a lucrative option among industrial structures [since it is weight bearing with high strength] as well as on-site working platforms and maintenance walkways.

FRP gratings are practically maintenance free, no need for frequent paints. Neither will it permanently deform under high impact conditions.

It is highly corrosion resistant making it an ideal choice for outdoors or areas with high moisture or humidity. Even it has low electrical & thermal conductivity & high dielectric capabilities, making it highly safer as compared to metals.

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FRP Gratings: Areas Of Usage:

Due to the above properties of FRP gratings, it has become an ideal choice in a vast variety of industries including power plants, chemical manufacturing, textiles, printing, infrastructure, automobile, offshore platforms, oil & gas, refineries, marine � for WORKING PLATFORMS, MAINTENNACE WALKWAYS, more�..

And even more encouraging fact is daily the uses of FRP gratings are being explored in all areas where they want a better and economic alternative to steel.

The FRP (GRP) grating panels are available in various lengths and sizes.

Benefits Of FRP Vs Steel/ Other Metals:

FRP gratings are lighter, anti-corrosive, cost-effective, durable, antiskid, ant slip, impact resistant.

FRP gratings usually weigh lighter ranging from 30% to 70% less as compared to other metals

The load bearing capacity as per specified requirements is similar to steel making it highly durable also.

FRP gratings are also quite attractive as compared to the regular looking steel structures, making it a lucrative choice for renowned Architects as well.

Finally Why Choose FRP Gratings?


We offer Moulded as well as Pultruded FRP gratings.

Moulded FRP gratings are normally used where one needs to make it hollow to allow the passage of pipes, other structures etc. The properties of such moulded FRP gratings ensure that the grating itself isn�t damaged while holes are being drilled through it.

Pultruded FRP gratings are normally used in long spans where load bearing capacities are required.